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Welcome to Wolfhome!

Welcome to the Wolfhome 2D Avatar Chat website. Wolfhome was started back in October 1999. It is owned by wunderwood LLC and is one of the Chatlands™ chat sites.

The cold air & festive season is among us!

We'd all like to wish everyone a fun, safe, & exciting Holiday season! There is a lot going on this month, & a lot of new things coming your way! With that being said, our Administrator Applications are OPEN! If you've ever given it some thought about applying, nows your shot! We're looking forward to all who apply this round. This round of applications we are introducing our Application Trackers! This is someone who will help you with any & all questions relating to the application process. This same person will guide and update you as your application moves through the various stages of review. The Event Committee Applications & The Relations Team Applications are both still OPEN! & Our Transparency Policy has also been updated!

Another exciting new update is our free subscriptions! You heard that right! Subscriptions (Standard & under) on Wolfhome are set to FREE, indefinitely! We hope that you all enjoy this lovely surprise & we cannot wait to see you all on chat! We have also added in a few new pose sets.. what species are they you ask?! Seals, Viverrids, & Ring Tailed Cats! Come check them out! But that isn't all.. A lovely update to our pose sizing chart has come your way! It is official! We have implemented a brand new sizing chart which will allow you to have slightly larger poses! Please see HERE for further information & there is also a tutorial included on how to re-size using the new chart!

Last but certainly not least, we have some really great Events coming up! Make sure to take a peak at our Bulletin Board! We have a Secret Santa Art Swap, Ugly Christmas Sweater Event, 25 Days of Christmas, Holiday Recipes, & Christmas Movie Nights! You do not want to miss out on these Events! Happy Holidays, everyone!

Wolfhome free week is here!

It's that special time of year when all Wolfhome Subscriptions are set to free! Upload as many poses as you want and check out all of the pose sets! The free week will run through November 1st!

Werewolves growl, phantoms prowl, Howloween makes us howl!

With October finally greeting us, our Howloween Events are officially taking off! We've created a Howloween 2022 Board specifically for these exciting events, that we highly encourage you to check out and participate in! There is a lot of variety & prizes to be won! We also have other events such as our Howloween Movie Nights that can be found in the Bulletin Board! Our Autumn Banner Contest has ended, but voting is open until the 9th of October, so make sure to get those votes in for the wonderful entries we received, which can be found at the bottom of the main post. You may also notice that we have spiced things up on Chat by changing the username colors & rank icons for this month! As we creep closer to Howloween, we will be switching subscriptions to FREE for 1 week to celebrate at the end of the month! We hope you all enjoy what this month has in store.

The Event Committee Applications & The Relations Team Applications are both Open. If you're interested in assisting & creating new events for our community, The Event Committee is calling you! If you're more of a social media guru, & love promoting artwork & events within our community on our various social media platforms, then The Relations Team is the right fit for you!

Fall is right around the corner...

Fall is creeping up on us! We hope everyone is enjoying their end to summer, as the change of color in the leaves, warm beverages and the smell of pumpkin spice are imminent! With that being said, new events are in the works!

The Bulletin Board is filled with new events and more on the way, such as our Fall Banner Contest, and many more! Don''t miss out! Cards Against Humanity & Bingo Friday's are now also bi-weekly, instead of weekly!

Town Hall Applications are now Closed, but we are still searching for new faces to join the Event Committee & the Relations Team. If those teams interest you, we'd love to see your Applications!

Town Hall Applications are now OPEN!

Have you always wanted to help out the Wolfhome community, but was not quite sure how? Have you had many ideas that you'd like to see put forth for Wolfhome and actually have the capability? Are you motivated and ready to take on projects and discuss community matters? Now's your chance!

Applications for the Town Hall are OPEN! Please see HERE for more information and for sending in an Application. We're eager to see all your Applications & Goodluck to all who apply!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!

Please be sure to check out the Bulletin Board for current events =) Art Fight is around the corner so keep your eyes open for a thread. Summer Movie Nights is still going so be sure to grab your popcorn and watch a movie with friends. If your looking to earn deltas be sure to join us for Bingo Fridays.

Interested in helping out? Join a Community Team! Applications are still open for the Events Committee and the Relations Team. Information can be found at those links regarding each team and how to apply! Have a Event Suggestion? Please be sure to let us know!

Hello, flowers. Hello, sun. Hello, May!

If your looking for some May fun please be sure to check out the Bulletin Board! The Wolfhome Banner Contest is currently going, along with the Spring Bloom Event, Summer Movie Nights (be sure to grab some popcorn), and our weekly Bingo Fridays and more! Bingo nights tend to get packed, so be sure to get in early.

Interested in helping out? Join a Community Team! Applications are still open for the Events Committee and the Relations Team. Information can be found at those links regarding each team and how to apply!

Admin Applications are now CLOSED.

If you haven’t heard back yet, it means it’s still under discussion. Any further Applications that are sent in will not be considered. Thank you to everybody that applied =)

Admin Apps are OPEN!

It’s finally time! Administrator Applications are now officially back OPEN! Please see HERE for more information and for sending in an Application =) We look forward to seeing everyones Applications and good luck!!

New Critters!

We're happy to announce that some new critters have joined WolfHome! Skunks, caracals and fossas are now available in the Bodyshop from the WH Map! They will be FREE for use until Friday, April 8, 2022 and then will go to their designated Subscriptions. For further details please see HERE.

Event Committee & Relations Team Applications are now open!!

If you have a creative mind, drive & motivation to deliver Events to the Wolfhome Community please check HERE. If you like to manage offsite accounts on social media and are interested in helping Wolfhome branch out to other websites to bring in new members please see HERE. We look forward to hearing from everyone =)

We’re Back Open!!

Beta Phase may be over with but there will be more changes ahead as more information comes in and as the member base grows. Wolfhome is still a Work In Progress and will always welcome YOUR feedback. We can't do this without you! Please check HERE for further details concerning the chat opening =)

Heads up! Our amazing Event Committee will be hosting Bingo every Friday! Bingo nights tend to get packed, so get in early. Do you enjoy watching movies? Then please be sure to join us for the Spring Movie Marathon. Do you enjoy taking walks? Then we have the perfect Event for you! Please check out the National Take a Walk in the Park Day! for further details =)

Keep an eye on our Bulletin Board for future Events!

Yay, It's March & Spring is right around the corner! ? ? ?

Wolfhome is coming back together & opening soon! ? To give ourselves the best chance we’re now looking for Beta Testers!!

Are you interested in joining our community and becoming a Beta Tester? For further details please see HERE to see further details. We look forward to seeing everyone back on Chat.

March is around the corner! Is it Spring yet?

Hello Wolfhomies!!

The Wolfhome Administration is nearing completion of the Wolfhome Chat Rules, Wolfhome FAQ, Terms of Use, and a few other projects that we’ve been working on =) With these updates we can finally start to discuss opening the Chat back up and how we’re going to go about it. We are currently aiming for March to go into Beta Testing!

The Wolfhome Forum Rules still need to be completed but we are actively working on this, but we are getting closer to completion so that we can get the Forums back open for everyone. Please be sure to check HERE for further updates!

As a friendly reminder, changes have been made to the Chat & Forum Rules, Ban Ladder and Refresh Rates. So please be sure to read over everything when that time comes.

Thank you for your continued patience during these times!

Admin Applications are now closed!

Thank you to everybody that applied =) We should be opening another round come the New Year, see you then and Happy Holidays!

Design the Wolfhome Forum Banner Contest is officially open for Winter Entries!! Please check here for further details.

Our lovely Event Committee host Bingo every Friday! Bingo nights tend to get packed, so get in early. Do you enjoy murder mysteries? We've got just the Event for you. Werewolf is an on chat murder mystery being held on November 23rd and 30th at 8PM ET.

Do you enjoy watching movies? Then please be sure to join us for the Christmas Movie Marathon. There is also a Christmas Tree Decorating Event.

Keep an eye on our Bulletin Board for future Events!

Howloween is neigh!

October has finally arrived! Get your costumes and get ready to scare. The Event Committee is bringing us a bunch of fun events for this spooky season, like the Fall Food Favourites event (yum) or the International Moon Viewing Photography Contest (super cool). There are even more events, hosted by both Administration and Event Committee, to be found on our Bulletin Board!

Admin Applications are still open! If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, be sure to submit an application!

Happy Howloween from the Wolfhome Administration! Avani

Applications are Open!

Welcome to Autumn! Our administrator applications are opened. You can find more information on our application process by clicking here!

We also have all kinds of autumn themed events going on. The Event Committee has things like an avatar and pose swap, halloween scary story contest, fall foods and more. Don't forget to check out Lunar Phases as well!

Want a word in what the new forum banner will look like? Don't forget to get your votes in! We have some really beautiful submissions. You can find those and how to vote here.

18+ rooms and rule updates

Over the last few weeks, many updates have been made to our rules and our site. It is recommended that all users read over these changes here.

Two 18+ rooms have been made available. One is a new room, called Boggy Wasteland, made by Kos. The Night Den has been converted into an 18+ roleplay room. These rooms have their own seperate ruleset from normal rooms, so be sure to check them out here.

August is here! One more month until the BER months.

Time is definitely flying by and summer will be ending soon. The Event Committee is bringing you some new Events this month.

We have the Floaty Competition going on right now along with a contest to Design Eventful’s Avatar. She wants a fresh look so please be sure to check it out.

Just like every month, the Event Committee is open for nominations for Member of the Month and Artist Spotlight! Show someone you love them by nominating them! The Caption Contest is open for August, so be sure to check it out for a chance to win delta prizes! Also as a friendly reminder to heart react your favorite captions :] Thats how we vote!

Wanna get involved? Both the Event Committee and the Relations Team are accepting new members! Check out the links for more information.

July's here....already?

You heard that right! Time has flown by, and it's already July! The Event Comittee is bringing you another fun packed month. Love junk food? The National Junk Food day is your chance to earn a stamp for Eventful's chest!

We all love our little pals, and if you love to show them off, then check out the Wolfhome Companions event. For participating you get a super snazzy premade made by Foxolotl. We're excited to see all the wonderful enteries.

Art Fight is here! Drop your profile link into the thread and get yourself a stamp for Eventful's treasure chest. Are you team Steampunk, or are you team Cyberpunk?

Just like every month, the Event Committee is open for nominations for Member of the Month and Artist Spotlight! Show someone you love them by nominating them! The Caption Contest is open for August, so be sure to check it out for a chance to win delta prizes!

Wanna get involved? Both the Event Committee and the Relations Team are accepting new members! Check out the links for more information.

Summer has arrived!

Summer is finally here! The Event Committee have an event packed summer planned for us all. Our Pride Month Extravaganza is ending soon, so get involved before the end of June! Uno is scheduled for June 29th, and for all our music lovers, a Summer Playlist is waiting for you!

If you enjoy writing lore then look no further, the Wolfhome Lore event needs you! Join in for a chance to win some delta prizes.

As usual, the Event Committee is open for nominations for Member of the Month and Artist Spotlight! Know someone who does a lot for the community, or an artist that you love? Show them how much you appreciate them by nominating! Our Caption Contest also runs monthly, so get ready for July's round.

Wanna get involved? Both the Event Committee and the Relations Team are accepting new members! Check out the links for more information.

April Fools

Thank you everyone who participated in and enjoyed our fun little prank! Order has been restored to the chat and forum, and we look forward to the fun we can have next year as well! Check out some of the shenanigans the users and admins got in to. Raij and Fungi were kind enough to put together our sets, Bodach the edit, and Refresh blessed us with the new forum banner.

Avani Spellbound Bodach Fungi Refresh

On a separate note, the Spring Banner contest has been extended to end on April 10th! Get your entries in, or get ready to vote.

Don't forget to also check out the Bulletin Board for current contests and events hosted by the Event Committee. Check out the Guess How Many, Photo Contest, or sign up for a Pen Pal! The 2021 Wolfhome Awards winners have also been announced!

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Spring Banner Contest

The forum is in need of a little spring cleaning! A new banner design would look awful nice adorning the top. Have an idea? Take a look at the Banner Contest hosted by the Administration and the Event Committee! Enter your own piece for the upcoming season, or vote on one you'd like to see!

The Event Committee is also currently taking nominations for April's Member of the Month & Artist's Spotlight. Know someone who deserves some appreciation? Found a new artist you like? Show them some love by nominating!

Interested in helping out? Join a team! Applications are still open for the Relations Team. Click the link for more information about the Relations Team and how to apply! Unfortunately, the Event Committe is no longer taking any applications at this time!

Wolfhome Awards 2021

To ring in a new year, the Event Committee is happy to present the annual Wolfhome Awards! They are currently accepting nominations for each category found here. Once they close out nominations, voting will be opened. Who do you want to win?

Interested in helping out? Join a team! Applications are still open for the Events Committee and the Relations Team. Information can be found at those links regarding each team and how to apply!

Happy Fall!

The 2020 Howl-O-Ween Pose Swap Signups are open! If you're interested in swapping comfy fall or spoopy howloween art with someone, registration will close on September 20th!

Site subscriptions are back to paid as of September 2nd. Thanks for a great summer, everyone! Keep an eye out for some new fall events!

It's the Wolfdog Days of Summer!

First, and most excitingly, subscriptions on Wolfhome are currently FREE! Thanks underdog!

Calling all bakers (and attempted bakers) - the Events Committee has cooked up a little something you absolutely knead to see called Cake Baking Contest 2020! This event will run through August 30th so get in here and mix it up! Everyone who participates will receive a prize so cake a leg.

On a more serious note, there is a proposed rule change that you should take a peek at on the forums: Proposed Site Change: Pose Charts. Your votes and feedback are always appreciated!

Interested in helping out? Join a team! Currently, applications are open for the Events Committee and the Relations Team. Information can be found at those links regarding each team and how to apply!

The Chatlands 2020 Kickstarter completed successfully!

The Chatlands 2020 Kickstarter finished and we are busy working on the fulfillment step. We sent out emails with links to the fulfillment page a couple of weeks ago (and the reminder emails too). If you made a pledge and haven't gotten any emails about fulfillment, please let underdog know asap! Thank you.

We are setting up a CHATLANDS specific forum where you can learn the details about what's coming to Chatlands 2020 later this year! We will post a link to the forum here when things are ready to go.

I want to once again say THANK YOU to all of the Kickstarter backers AND to the many people that contributed their art and their energy to make this a campaign a success! It's good to have a community right now and I really appreciate the strong show of support.

Sincere thanks to each of you,

Bill Underwood

New Exciting Events!

The Wolfhome Event Committee and Relations Team are hosting some exciting new events for you to participate in! If you love drawing, designing and creating then these events may just be for you!

Wolfhome Social Media Revival Contest

Wolfhome Bikini Extravaganza!

The Event Committee also has a time capsule event where you can draw, create or write something for your capsule, which will be opened in six months time (Febuary 2020!). This is a great event for reflection and to see growth

Time Capsule Event

We look forward to seeing any entries and participants!

Administrator Applications are OPEN 3/22/2019

The Wolfhome Administration Team are now accepting new applications. If you think you'd love to help Wolfhome grow, why not apply? We're looking for active, dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to join our team! You can find the application here. Thank you and good luck to all the applicants!

ART FAQ Overhaul

The Wolfhome Art Review Team is happy to announce that a big overhaul has been done to our ART FAQ! We have updated a lot of sections to our current pose standards. Some sections have been reworded or given new examples so they're easier to read, and hopefully add a little clariification. You can read over the FAQ here!

We've also recently updated our ruling on solid black in poses. You can read that announcement on the forums!

As always, if you have questions about this, please feel free to contact any ART admin.


Happy Holidays Wolfhome! There are some exciting events going on this time of year! While the snow begins falling more often, snuggle up with your friends and get your creative gears running!

Christmas Tree Decorating Contest
Holiday Ornament Decorating Contest
Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Be on the lookout for our advent calendar too! It'll be starting really soon!
Rule Revision Feedback

Howdy Wolfhome!

Due to userbase feedback, the Wolfhome administration has brought up a current rule for a possible revision.
You can vote and join in on the discussion for a possible rule revision here!

The discussion/voting will end one week from November 13th, so make sure to give us your thoughts soon!


We are happy to announce the start of Wolfhome's annual Howl-o-ween! This month we celebrate not only the spookiest month of the year, but Wolfhome's birthday!

The administration has put on lots of events this year, so be sure to check out the Bulletin Board to see what's going on.

Let's make this Howl-o-ween the spookiest yet!


Admin applications are now OPEN! You can find the application by clicking here

Know someone you think would be a good administrator? Don't forget that you can also nominate!

Updates Updates Updates! 5/1/2018

Heya Wolfhome!

The administration is happy to announce that a few changes have been made to the site! You may notice in chat that username colors have changed. The colors have been chosen as they go a little bit more of the color theme of Wolfhome.

We have also made an update to our ART FAQ! We will now be allowing larger sized poses! We are working on updating the size of our pose sets, so please give us a little time to get this done, but please enjoy your new sizing freedoms!!

You'll also notice that the forum banner has been updated! Big thank you and congratulations to PUGHT for the beautiful banner!

If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to contact any administrator!
Forum Downtime - 4/1/2018

Hey There Wolfhome! The administration would like to make you all aware that there will be some temporary downtime for the forum starting on Wednesday, April 4th at 6pm Eastern Time. This is so we can work on a few updates. An announcement will be made shortly beforehand as a reminder. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Events! - 2/27/2018

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes a new banner for the forum! Got ideas for one? Enter your idea for the forum banner in our contest, first place will win 25 deltas and have their art at the top of the forum for 2 seasons!

The Event Committee is currently hosting weekly events where you can win deltas. Check out the Rotating Weekly Contests for your chance to win!

The winners for the 2018 Wolfhome awards have also been posted!

You asked, and we heard! The Wolfhome administration is taking requests for new forum titles. Once we receive a collection, we will open up for voting.

The Administration would also like to remind everyone that we're still open and raising money for site beautification. Stop on by, we have everything from pose coloring, shading, and lining to full custom artwork, characters, and YCHs! Check out the topic here.

HOWLiday Event! - 12/11/2017

With the HOWLidays just around the corner, Eventful and the Event Committee have put out the Wolfhome Advent Calendar!! Be sure to check out the The Bulletin Board for more fun and exciting events where you can win prizes like poses and deltas!!

Happy Howl-o-Ween!!

In celebration of Howl-o-ween and Wolfhome's Birthday, subscriptions have now been set to free!!

Howl-o-ween Events! 10/09/2017

October is upon us and Howl-o-ween is just around the corner. The Administration as well as the Event Committee have busted out some special Halloween themed contests and events for you, located in The Wolfhome Bulletin Board. Here are a few events happening now and lasting throughout October!

Contests ending October 31st:
* The Pose Mod & Custom Pose Contest with prizes up to 15 deltas!
* 'Guess How Many' Candy Contest with prizes up to 5 deltas!
*Pumpkin Carving Contest with prizes up to 8 deltas
*Caption & Screenshot Contest with prizes up to 5 deltas!
*Sniff Trivia with prizes up to 10 deltas!

Along with a few other events such as The catch me outside event, where you take a 'Nature' photo (yes! you DO have to go outside for this!) So get out there and hone your photography skills for a chance at winning a prize of up to 10 deltas!! - This ends Oct 20th!

On October 29th Bedagi and Rhea will be hosting a Trick or Treat Event at 7 PM EST. Find out more by clicking the link! Oh and be on the lookout for Celebria and Fayete, they seem to be doing a lot of TRICK or TREATing around chat! They will be riddling you silly so have your wits about you!

Howloween Poll - 9/2/17

It is that time already!? Howloween, Wolfhome's Halloween and anniversary celebration, will be starting in a few weeks! We would like your input on what types of events you would like to see. Please give your feedback here!

Promotions - 8/15/17

Within the past month, Epilepsy and Voidrae joined the Art Review Team! If you have any pose related questions, let them know! And we would also like to welcome Sidekick, our newest gamma, to the staff! Welcome aboard! Lastly, a bit welcome back to Wolfhome Administration, Coyote!

Promotions & Events - 7/1/17

Voidrae, Ravi and Basil were promoted to Gamma! While Kuvi, Blackbird, Epilepsy and Affliction were promoted to Beta! Be sure to say congratulations if you see them around the chat or forum!

The Event Committee has a few events going on currently, such as: Summer Scavenger Hunt and The Tale of Wolfhome, a short story and comic event! Click the links for more details.

Applications for the Wolfhome Administration, the Wolfhome Event Committee, and Wolfhome Relations Team are currently closed.

The administration is holding a fundraiser for the community! All proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward updating pose sets, rooms, and other aesthetics for Wolfhome. With contributions from several of the administration, we are happy to offer a wide range of art and services. Check out the thread here and help us give Wolfhome some new art!

Update to Wolfhome Rules: Role-play death threats - 4/21/17

The Administration would like to make you aware of a change in our chat rules regarding death threats. Role-play death threats are now acceptable in private rooms and private settings designated for role-play only.

However, if the threat is deemed serious/ too graphic enough, or if it is unclear if the threat is role-play related, you will still be subject to a ban. Furthermore, role-play death threats in public settings (this includes sniffs, away messages in a public room and private room rules) and any other type of death threat (not role-play) still follow our normal protocols.

Please click here for our updated version of this rule change (rule number 4). Feel free to contact any on duty administrator if you have any questions or concerns about this rule change.

Lunar Phases

Lunar Phases, which is Wolfhome's newsletter, has come out with a new update! To read more about Lunar Phases or contribute to the newsletter, please see here and to read the newsletter, please see here!

IMPORTANT changes - new users must be over 13 to join!

This DOES NOT apply to those who made accounts BEFORE 2nd March 2013. Anyone joining Wolfhome after 2nd March 2013 must be at least 13 years of age. All current users under the age of 13, whether having a paid account or a free account will not be affected. =) see this forum topic if you have any questions.

WolfHome Feedback Survey!

Head on over to this forum topic to see how you can help make a difference to WolfHome by filling in our survey questions!

Nominate who you think should be an admin!

As always, we are taking nominations from users for who they think should be an admin. For more information on how to nominate someone please click here!

Wolfhome Banners!

Visit the Wolfhome banner page (sign in with your Chatlands™ user name) and add one to your web page to promote this site! Thanks!

Wolfhome on Facebook

Wolfhome has a Facebook page, and here's a hint... It would be a good idea to "LIKE" the page and then keep an eye out for Delta giveaway promotions! These promotions are only available on Facebook. We've been running promotions frequently and we will run more soon. So, keep an eye on the Wolfhome Facebook page for your chance to win a Chatlands™ Delta.